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The Book Of You Notebook: The Blueprint Edition (Hardcover)

The Book Of You Notebook: The Blueprint Edition (Hardcover)

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"Gather 'round Hustler's, that's if you still livin'..."

Introducing: "The Book Of You" Notebook

(Inspired by Jay Z and The Book of Hov)

"The Book of You" isn't just a notebook; it's a blueprint for your ascension to greatness. It's been designed to ignite your creativity, motivate your ambitions, and channel your inner hustler. With 90 pages of Hov bars and life quotes, each flip of the page is a step towards building your own "legacy, legacy, legacy...."

Whats Inside?

  • Inspiring Quotes & Lyrics: Let's go bar for bar and have a "lyrical Exercise". Each page is adorned with carefully selected quotes and iconic song lyrics that encapsulates the mindset of a hustler turned Billionaire.
  • Soundtrack to Your Hustle: Hand-picked for you and curated for Tidal, Spotify, and Apple Music, we created a playlist to ignite that Hustler's spirit. Add "The Book Of You" playlist to your device & ROC-out.
  • Space for Reflection: With 90 pages of writing space, this notebook provides the canvas for your dreams, plans, rhymes and reflections. Organize your thoughts, strategies, investments or pen down your creative endeavors – the possibilities are limitless. 
  • A Space for Your Vision: Within these pages, find a sacred space for your vision board. Dream BIG, paste your aspirations, and let your ambitions take shape. "The Book of You" is your Holy Grail on your path to manifesting your wildest dreams.
  • Compact & Portable: Sized perfectly to slip into your bag, this 6x9 notebook ensures that inspiration is always within reach. Whether you're on your daily commute, at school, the office, or simply seeking a moment of insight, tap into "The Book Of You" when needed. - "it's so necessary".
  • Gift of Motivation: Share this with friend or another Hov Fan... you know we love this shit! This notebook is a dope gift for aspiring entrepreneurs, music enthusiasts, and anyone needing to tap into that "Hov Mindset".

Hold UP.... "Before I go, Let me say"...

If you don't see your favorite Hov Bar in this notebook, DON'T TRIP! 

THE BLACK ALBUM EDITION: Releasing Nov. 13th, 2023. This is the "Talk Yo' Shit!" version, so please note: Parental Advisory is advised.

The "4:44" EDITION: Releasing Dec. 1st, 2023. This is the "Financial Literacy" version to get your mind and money right for the New Year. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

As a huge Jay Z fan, who actually uses his quotes as reminders this is the journal for me. The playlist is truly a nice touch and has sparked a conversation with my fellow Jay fans lol! Can’t wait for the other journals to drop and the seller was an absolute sweetheart. Quick to respond, thorough with the answers and deeply concerned that I got the product! Go ahead and get you one!

Robert Smith
Creatives rejoice

Amazing concept. Ready to fill the pages with my billion dollar ideas. A true gift for the creatives.

Lorrell Webb

Book is great quality, creatively made, love it!

Shandin Muldrow
Great Journal

This journal has been great and is cool as it is Jay-Z themed. Each page has an inspirational quote to motivate you and there are playlists you can scan that include Jay-Z songs.